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Legal Information

Legal information

Lawless French Immersion is a product of and by ILINI ( operated in partnership with Lawless French. ILINI's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy apply to Lawless French Immersion (

Last updated on July 2nd, 2020.

Welcome to! We hope you love our service as much as we love creating it. You will find below our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies for individuals and for schools and organizations. Our Terms of Service describe our commitments to you, and your rights and responsibilities when using our service. Our Privacy Policy describes the way we collect, store, use and share personal information, and how we provide full transparency and give you full control over your data in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations (GDPR, COPPA, FERPA). If you have any questions, please contact us at

Who are we?

The Service is provided by Ilini SARL, a limited liability company incorporated and registered in Lyon, France under company number 830.579.256. Our address is 18-20 rue Tronchet, 69006 Lyon, France. Our VAT number is FR34830579256.

Our Terms and Policies for individual users

Privacy Policy
Terms of Service for Individuals

Our Terms and Policies for schools and organizations

If you are using Ilini through your school or organization, the following terms and privacy policy apply to you.

Privacy Policy
Terms of Service for Schools and Organizations
Terms of Service for Schools' and Organizations' Individual Users

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Ilini compliant with COPPA and FERPA in the United States?

School and organization accounts are compliant with COPPA and FERPA for use by children. Schools that want to provide children under 13 access to the Service can do so, in accordance with COPPA and with our Terms of Service. They must simply notify Ilini when purchasing a group license that is to be used by children under 13, so that we can take all necessary measures such as restricting access to certain types of contents (Ilini already applies a family-safe content policy for all its users, but this notion may vary from a country or a culture to another, so we are happy to discuss it on a case by case basis). You can learn more about the age requirements to use our service in our Terms of Service.

Individual accounts are not directed at persons under the age of 13 or otherwise ineligible in their country of residence to enter into a legal binding agreement to use our Service. For this reason, you might be required to verify your age when creating your account.

State and District specific agreements : in the US, we can sign agreements specific to your state or district for you to use Ilini. Please contact us at if you have an agreement for your district you would like us to review and sign.

Is Ilini compliant with the European Union’s GDPR?

Ilini is fully compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

What are the age requirements on Ilini accounts?

For individual accounts, you can check out our dedicated information about our age requirements.

For school and organisation accounts, there is no age requirement to use our Service. Please note that your country might require parental consent to create an account containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about their children. If you don’t have this consent, you can still use our product by creating generic accounts that won’t contain any PII, for example by using only first names or other generic usernames as identifiers.


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Online Classroom

The Online Classroom allows you to give and review student assignments.

Ask your students to:
- Watch a video
- Answer the video's comprehension quiz
- Submit a written assignment
- Download, print out and complete PDF worksheets.

You can create as many classes as needed and invite an unlimited number of students. Students only need a free account to join the classroom and to complete the assignments.